Case Study: Lariat Lodge Brewing Company's Remarkable Savings with Jerry
Jan 18, 2024

Case Study: Lariat Lodge Brewing Company's Remarkable Savings with Jerry

Discover how Lariat Lodge Brewing Company saved over $8,000 and 100 hours in management time with Jerry.

In the competitive world of hospitality, efficient management of repairs and maintenance is vital. Lariat Lodge Brewing Company, a renowned restaurant and brewery, faced challenges that echoed those of many in the industry. This case study delves into how they partnered with Jerry, resulting in substantial savings and operational improvements, and provides actionable insights for other restaurants.


Lariat Lodge Brewing Company, celebrated for its unique brews and dining experience, grappled with the complexities of managing equipment repairs. This not only led to inflated costs but also impacted their service quality.

The Challenge

  1. Frequent Equipment Failures: Regular breakdowns led to interruptions and loss of revenue.
  2. Cumbersome Vendor Management: Juggling multiple repair vendors was time-consuming and inefficient.
  3. Reactive Maintenance Approach: The lack of a proactive system meant dealing with unexpected breakdowns, increasing repair costs.
Lariat Lodge Brewing

The Solution: Implementing Jerry

To address these issues, Lariat Lodge Brewing Company turned to Jerry.

Centralized Repair Management

Jerry's platform provided a one-stop solution for all repair needs, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency.

AI-Driven Diagnostics

Jerry's AI technology facilitated quick and accurate problem diagnosis, leading to faster and more effective repairs.

Vendor Coordination

Jerry efficiently managed relationships with repair professionals, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

Digital Equipment Tracking

A complete digital inventory of equipment was maintained, allowing easy access to service histories and maintenance schedules.

The Results: Significant Savings and Efficiency

Quantifiable Savings

In the first six months of partnering with Jerry, Lariat Lodge Brewing Company saved over $8,000 in repair costs. This was achieved through more efficient servicing, reduced downtime, and avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Time Savings

The restaurant saved approximately 100 hours of management time previously spent on coordinating repairs. This allowed the management team to focus on core business activities, enhancing overall productivity.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Regular maintenance and timely repairs significantly extended the life of the restaurant's equipment, contributing to long-term savings.

Lariat Lodge Brewing

Operational Efficiency

With fewer unexpected breakdowns and more rapid repair turnaround times, operational efficiency improved noticeably.

Additional Statistics

  • Reduced Emergency Repair Incidents: By 40%, thanks to predictive maintenance.
  • Improved Vendor Response Time: By 30%, enhancing service quality and reliability.
  • Increased Equipment Reliability: Equipment failure rates decreased by 25%.
  • Cost Avoidance: Anticipated savings of an additional $5,000 in the next quarter from continued efficient management.

Lessons for Other Restaurants

The success story of Lariat Lodge Brewing Company with Jerry offers several takeaways:

  1. Technology Integration: Embracing a technology-driven approach for repair management can lead to substantial cost and time savings.
  2. Proactive Maintenance: Shifting to a predictive maintenance strategy can significantly reduce emergency repairs and associated costs.
  3. Streamlined Vendor Management: Efficient coordination with vendors leads to quicker repairs and can improve service quality.
  4. Holistic Equipment Tracking: Keeping a digital track of equipment health and maintenance schedules can enhance lifespan and reliability.


Lariat Lodge Brewing Company's experience is a testament to the benefits of embracing an innovative solution like Jerry in managing restaurant repairs and maintenance. Other restaurants can achieve similar success by adopting these strategies, leading to reduced costs, saved time, and improved operational efficiency. Jerry’s platform offers an intelligent, user-friendly approach to tackling one of the most pressing challenges in the restaurant industry.

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