Case Study: Breadless - Efficient Growth and Savings with Jerry's Preventive Maintenance
Jan 18, 2024

Case Study: Breadless - Efficient Growth and Savings with Jerry's Preventive Maintenance

Explore how Breadless achieved efficient growth and saved costs using Jerry's preventive maintenance.

Breadless, a health-focused restaurant chain, faced the dual challenge of maintaining high operational standards and ensuring compliance with lease agreements while rapidly expanding. This detailed case study explores how they achieved this balance and realized substantial savings by leveraging Jerry's preventive maintenance management system.


As Breadless expanded its footprint, maintaining the quality and efficiency that defined their brand became increasingly complex. Ensuring compliance with the stringent maintenance requirements of their lease agreements across multiple locations added another layer of complexity.

The Challenge

  1. Upholding Quality Standards: Breadless needed to maintain its high operational and food quality standards during rapid expansion.
  2. Lease Compliance: Each outlet needed to comply with specific maintenance clauses in their lease agreements, a complex task given the varying requirements across locations.
  3. Efficient Growth Management: Breadless aimed to scale its operations without compromising on maintenance quality or operational efficiency.

Implementing Jerry's Solution

Breadless partnered with Jerry to streamline its maintenance management processes.

Centralized Maintenance Oversight

Jerry's platform enabled Breadless to manage maintenance tasks across all outlets from a single dashboard, ensuring uniform quality and compliance.


Automated Preventive Maintenance

Jerry's system facilitated automated scheduling of preventive maintenance, reducing the likelihood of equipment failures and ensuring adherence to lease maintenance requirements.

Scalable Solution

As Breadless grew, Jerry's solution seamlessly adapted to each new location, providing consistent maintenance management.

Compliance Documentation

With Jerry, Breadless could easily document maintenance activities, ensuring compliance with lease agreements and avoiding potential disputes.

The Results


Quality and Compliance

Breadless successfully maintained its high standards of quality and operational efficiency across all locations, while also staying compliant with lease agreements.

Significant Cost Savings

  • Reduction in Emergency Repairs: Implementation of regular maintenance led to a 30% reduction in emergency repair costs.
  • Lower Overall Maintenance Expenses: Year-on-year maintenance expenses decreased by 20% due to the efficiency and preventative approach facilitated by Jerry.
  • Increased Equipment Lifespan: Regular servicing extended the average equipment lifespan by 15%, translating to long-term capital savings.

Operational Efficiency

  • Downtime Reduction: Preventive maintenance reduced equipment downtime by 25%, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Vendor Management Efficiency: Streamlined vendor coordination saved approximately 50 hours of management time per quarter.

Scalable Growth

Jerry's platform supported Breadless's expansion, allowing them to add new locations without additional strain on their maintenance management resources.

Additional Insights

  • Data-Driven Expansion: Maintenance and operational data collected via Jerry aided strategic decision-making for future expansions.
  • Improved Vendor Response Times: Average vendor response time improved by 40%, enhancing service quality.
  • Sustainable Growth Model: Breadless established a replicable model for expansion that prioritizes quality, compliance, and efficiency.


Breadless' use of Jerry's preventive maintenance management system illustrates the significant benefits of a technology-driven approach in the restaurant industry. By ensuring consistent quality, complying with lease agreements, and enhancing operational efficiency, Jerry’s platform has been key to Breadless' successful and sustainable growth. This case study serves as an example for other restaurants aiming to scale their operations while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

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